What's Happening

Robert L. McNitt

During the coming year the Association will continue work on the commercialization plan for Willamette Valley ponderosa pine. This broad ranging effort includes the development of plantation growth and yield tables for ponderosa pine in the Willamette Valley. Work continues on projects to discover products that are unique to Willamette Valley ponderosa pine and estimates of wood supply for future manufacturing facilities.

As previously discussed the fast growth of the seed orchard trees and increasing seed production require an in-depth study to determine future management strategies. The study will address the Native Gene Conservancy, seed yield, long term seed needs and orchard management.

Efforts to inform landowners about best management practices for ponderosa pine in the Willamette Valley will continue. Information and recommendations about insect and disease related problems to Willamette Valley ponderosa pine plantations will be a priority.


Last Updated 02/28/10