Seed and Seedlings

Robert L. McNitt

The use of Valley pine for reforestation has increased 50% the past five years to 700,000 per year. A recent survey indicates a potential demand of 1.2 million seedlings per year. There was a poor cone crop in 1999 with the exception of a fair cone crop in the Elmira and Veneta area. Collectors gathered enough seed for two or three sowing years. There are very few conelets in these areas for 2000. Hopefully a crop will be discovered in another area for collecting next year.

Seedlings for 2000 outplanting are scarce. The outlook for 2001 is also bleak. The container nurseries who have seed and produce one year containers may have seedlings winter 2001, however two year seedlings will be hard to find because 1999 sowing was low especially at the Oregon Department of Forestry D.L. Phipps nursery. Reforestation plans need to take this potential seedling shortage into consideration.


Last Updated 02/24/08