Willamette Valley Ponderosa Pine
Common Garden Study

Robert L. McNitt

The Ponderosa pine common garden study initiated by Brad St. Clair of the USFS Pacific Northwest Research Station during 1997 is now being analyzed. Objectives included:

  1. Describing geographic patterns of genetic variation in growth traits and phenology among populations within the Willamette Valley.
  2. Exploring the similarities and differences between populations from the Willamette Valley, Ft. Lewis Washington, Eastside Cascades, Southern Oregon, and California.

Results from this study will be important for determining safe limits of seed movement within the Willamette Valley, and for addressing questions of how the Willamette Valley populations differ from populations outside of the Willamette Valley.

The seedlings have been harvested and measured for height, diameter and root/shoot dry weight ratio. The analysis has not been completed. Completion of the final report is not scheduled at this time.


Last Updated 02/24/08