Willamette Valley Ponderosa Pine
Summer Tour

Friday September 17, 2010
1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Tour participants will see the progress at the Robert H. Mealey Gene Conservancy / Valley Ponderosa Pine Seed Orchard. They will then visit Northwest Seed to see this state of the art forest tree seed processing facility in Canby.

1:00 2:30 pm

Meet at the J.E. Schroeder Orchard
3700 Mahony Rd NE, St Paul, OR

  1. Discuss history and purpose
  2. Walk through orchard

    a. Observe family differences

    b. Tree growth

    c. Active cone picking / not in the pine

  3. Discuss future plans

    a. Archive

    b. Orchard Management

    c. Seed needs

Travel to Northwest Seed via personal transportation

3:15 5:00 pm

Northwest Seed 1887 N. Holly Street, Canby, OR.
Plant is located at the IFA Nursery, Inc. / Lovell Lack Nursery

  1. Observe cone processing
  2. Seed cleaning
  3. Testing
  4. Storage

Click HERE to download maps to the tour sites.


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