Sixth Annual Western Native Plant Conference

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Add the Sixth Western Native Plant conference to your calendar for an in depth agenda covering both the science and practical applications of management and restoration with native plants.

Pre-Conference Field Tour

Field tour weather could be 45˚ and raining.  Please bring rain gear and water-proof shoes.

Stop 1) Metro Native Plants Center
Metro's Native Plant Center provides an important supply of uncommon, locally adapted native seeds, bulbs, and plant stock to support Metro's natural area restoration projects. At the center, staff and volunteers gather, grow and distribute native species for planting at Metro's restoration sites throughout the region. Metro's restoration work is aimed at reestablishing rare but vital habitat types that once thrived throughout the Willamette Valley.
Stop 2) Graham Oaks Nature Park
Graham Oaks Nature Park is a 250-acre site purchased by Metro in 2001. Historically, Kalapuyan tribes gathered food from this terrain.  The land was later logged and farmed. Over the past decade, Metro staff, volunteers, and contract crews planted more than a hundred million seeds of wildfowers and grasses and 150,000 native trees and shrubs.
Stop 3) OSU's North Willamette Research & Extension Center (NWREC)
The NWREC of Oregon State University serves the needs of the region's agricultural industries. NWREC researchers and Extension faculty focus their work on the most important regional crops including: nurseries, berries, fresh market vegetables, seed production, and Christmas trees. The City of Portland has a native shrub seed orchard plot at the Center and have recently been using the shrubs as shade and sowing various native herbaceous species between the shrubs for seed increase.
Monday, December 9th (Pre-Conference Field Tour)
9:00 AM Load buses and depart from the Heathman Lodge
9:30 AM Tour Metro Native Plant Center
11:00 AM Depart
11:30 AM Tour Graham Oaks Nature Park
12:30 PM Lunch (at the park or the research center depending on weather)
1:30 PM Tour North Willamette Research and Extension Center
3:15 PM Depart for hotel
4:00 PM Arrive back at hotel

Workshop Agenda

Tuesday, December 10
Moderator: Lee Riley, USDA Forest Service, Cottage Grove, OR
9:00 AM Welcome, Diane Haase, USDA Forest Service, Portland, OR
9:10 AM Ecological restoration in an agricultural landscapeKathy Pendergrass, National Resources Conservation Service, Portland, OR
9:45 AM Bringing biodiversity back to the farm: Using native plants to support agricultureEric Mader, Xerces Society, Portland, OR
10:20 AM Break
10:50 AM Subirrigation as an option for producing high quality native plantsAnthony Davis, University of Idaho, Moscow, ID
11:25 AM Planting roots down: Challenges and successes of partnering with community groups on natural area restoration projectsSusan Hawes, Portland Parks and Recreation, Portland, OR
12:00 PM Lunch (included with registration)
1:15 PM Assisted migration: the science and practice of moving native plantsMary Williams, USDA Forest Service, Moscow, ID
1:50 PM Ecoregions: A better way to provide seed source informationTodd Jones, Fourth Corner Nurseries, Bellingham, WA
2:25 PM Plant responses to invasion and climate change: Only the small surviveElizabeth Leger, University of Reno, Reno, NV
3:00 PM Break
3:30 PM Nitrogen form: Does it influence growth of Palouse Prairie forbs?Jeremy Pinto, USDA Forest Service, Moscow, ID
4:05 PM Re-establishment of native species at the Hanford SiteSteven Link, Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation, Mission, OR
4:40 PM Adjourn for Day 1
Wednesday, December 11
Moderator: Kas Dumroese, USDA Forest Service, Moscow, ID
8:15 AM A brief synopsis of seed dormancy researchOlga Kildisheva, University of Idaho, Moscow, ID
8:50 AM Challenges and opportunities in seed testing and certification of native speciesSabry Elias, Oregon State University Seed Laboratory, Corvallis, OR
9:25 AM Native species selection in coal mine restoration: Guided by traditional ecological knowledge and ecological dataMike Keefer, Keefer Ecological Services, Cranbrook, BC
10:00 AM Break
10:30 AM Do or Die: Why we need long term restoration monitoringMonique Leslie, Freshwater Trust, Portland, OR
11:05 AM Restoration Services Team: What can we do for you?Lee Riley, USDA Forest Service, Cottage Grove, OR
11:40 AM Deciduous tree and shrub identification in the dormant season: Challenges for restoration projectsSage Jensen, Sage Environmental Services, Portland, OR
12:15 PM Lunch (included with registration)
1:30 PM Native basketry styles and plants used in the western US: Harvesting, processing, and maintenanceMargaret Mathewson, Oregon State University, Corvallis
2:05 PM Strategies for controlling invasive plants in restoration projectsTim Harrington, USDA Forest Service, Olympia, WA
2:40 PM Propagating milkweed for monarch butterfly habitat restorationTom Landis, Native Plant Nursery Consulting, Medford, OR
3:15 PM Conference adjourns