Forest Tech: Improving Wood Transport and Logistics

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Better management of wood flows within the wood supply chain has been a clear priority for the majority of forest products companies over the last couple of years.  The pressure’s been on to squeeze as much out of each segment – and across the entire wood supply chain – from harvest operations through to market.  Attend this conference to learn more about new technologies being adopted to improve the type and quality of data available for improved decision making in wood transport and logistics.

The Western Forestry and Conservation Association is joining a leading forest products grouping, the Forest Industry Engineering Association (FIEA) that specializes in designing and running independent technology related events in New Zealand and Australia.  Improving wood transport and logistics has been a key theme for program run by FIEA for Australasian forest products companies.  For the first time in the PNW, a joint program is being run for local forest products, wood harvesting and transport companies.


Wednesday October 9th, 2013 •
8:30 A.M. Welcome Session 1: Improving Wood Flows within the Wood Supply chain:  A Clear Priority for North American Forest Products Companies                                                           

Improving the Primary Forest Industry Supply Chain: Applying Logistics to Transportation Components – Kevin Boston, Assistant Professor, Forest Engineering, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR

9:15 Opportunities for Optimizing Supply Chain Management.  Case studies from Sweden including collaborative logistics, logistics planning and operations after a storm and forest biomass logisticsMikael Ronnqvist, Professor, Laval University, Quebec, Canada and Consultant, Forestry Research Institute of Sweden
10:00 Break
Session 2: Optimizing Forest Products Operations: New Tools to Maximize Efficiencies Through the Wood Supply Chain
10:30 Cloud Computing: Managing Harvesting Workflows in Real Time.  Use of intelligent data, real time analytics and a web platform for forest inventory and harvest planningEnda Keane, Chief Executive Officer, TreeMetrics,  Ireland  (Via phone or video link)
 11:00 Forest Transport & Logistics Tools: Case Studies From The Canadian Forest Products IndustryDave Lepage, Researcher Value Maximization & Decision Support, FPInnovations, Quebec, QC, Canada
11:30 Exhibitor Showcase
 12:30 Lunch
Session 3: Forest to Market: Optimizing Transport & Delivery Operations
 1:45 Applying Technology to Solve Forest-to-Mill Logistics Problems – Brooks McKee, Product Manager, Trimble Forestry, USA
 2:15 Transport and Logistics Planning within the Weyerhaeuser Company – Paul Gianotti, Transportation Coordinator, Weyerhaeuser Co., Longview, WA
 2:45 Centralized Dispatch of Trucking Operations: What it Has to Meant to New Zealand and Australian Operations, Matt Ludbrook, Asset Forestry Logistics, Whakatane, New ZealandCentralized vs. Non-Centralized Dispatch: Idaho Case-history – Vincent Corrao, President, Northwest Management Inc., Moscow, ID
 3:30 Break

Real-time Communications for Improved Dispatch and Scheduling – Brendon Petrich, VWork App, New Zealand/USA

 4:05 Does the Wood Supply System Have Sufficient Capacity to Produce the Demand Required for an Assumed Economic Recovery? A report sponsored by Wood Supply Research Institute – Don Taylor, Sustainable Resources Systems, Greenville, SC
4:30  Adjourn